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December 1, 2009

Zac attack!

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If you want to read more about Zac Efron‘s Austin Red Carpet walk, check out this article, collectively authored by a group of journalism students, including yours truly.


R.I.P. Beauty Queen

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Former Miss Agrentina, Solange Magnano, passed away on November 30, 2009 from complications caused by plastic surgery. Magnano, a mother of twins, underwent surgery to firm her buttocks.

Magnano’s untimely death is a morbid reminder that beauty is only skin deep– and definitely not worth dying for.

Yahoo! Top Searches 2009

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The Internet was originally a government-developed network of computers and evolved into a ubiquitous source of information, a-dream-come true tool for self-education, and a popular place for communication. But, now more than ever, users worldwide are looking to the Internet for their entertainment needs.

This week, Yahoo! released its 2009 Year in Review, including the top 10 most popular searches. Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, and the American Idol contestants all made the list…and were right at home among seven other entertainers. Sadly, “nuclear physics” or “existentialism” did not make the list. There’s always next year…

November 30, 2009

Me and Orson Welles Premiere

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Hollywood hunk Zac Efron received a warm Texas welcome at Austin’s historic Paramount Theatre Monday night. The small but enthusiastic crowd was abuzz anticipating the arrival of Efron and his “Me and Orson Welles” co-star, Christian McKay.

The premiere attracted a surprisingly diverse mix of fans. While a number of teenage girls did show up to gawk at Efron, many older movie-buffs braved the cold (and the aforementioned teenage girls) for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of cult-favorite Richard Linklater.

Linklater, no stranger to Austin red carpets, noted the “daunting presence of [actor] Christian McKay.” McKay, usually seen on stage, seems to be adjusting well to his move to film, but noted in his crisp British accent, “I keep taking my lesson.” McKay will further his film education in the upcoming “Mr. Nice” and Woody Allen’s next currently-untitled film.

Efron, sporting his trademark disheveled coiffure, did not talk to reporters, but satisfied the tweenage crowd’s wishes by signing autographs and posing for countless pictures.

“Me and Orson Welles” opens nationwide on Dec. 11.

November 28, 2009

Sweet silver bells, all seem to say, “ding dong, mmmkay!”

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Ever hear a Christmas song and think, “What the heck is this song REALLY about?” For those of us too weighed down by Christmas hams and too unmotivated to do any real research, Comedian Patton Oswalt explains “Christmas Shoes.”

Psychic Cars

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Gold convertibles are universally cool, but Cambodian Nhean Phaloek claims that his already-cool gold convertible can be operated telepathically. Phaloek says, “I just snap my fingers and the car’s door will open. Or I just think of opening the car’s door, and the door opens immediately.”

Pretty cool. And in our modern world of unlimited demand and limited resources, thoughts are obviously more eco-friendly than gasoline.

TLC: The _____ Channel

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Once upon a time, TLC stood for “The Learning Channel” and most of its programming was about as entertaining as a root canal. Lucky for the discerning viewer, however, TLC executives wizened up and began airing riveting straight-from-the-pages-of-the-Weekly-World-News medical/freak show documentaries and drool-worthy shows about cakes. Yum.

This week, The Soup‘s Joel McHale unveiled his new TLC program “Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking.”

While we’re still awaiting the critical consensus, we at Chairman Wow! have a feeling this one’s gonna be a hit.

A Thanksgiving gift from Chairman Wow!

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Before you indulge too heavily in desserts this holiday season, listen to what the wise Wilford Brimley has to say.

Bags of Bones

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Question: What do Nicole Richie and Barack Obama have in common?

Answer: Weight problems, apparently. As Kirstie Alley, Lindsay Lohan, and John Travolta know, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, president or pop star, if you’re a public figure, the media will go after you for your weight. Now, how long before Mr. President tells all to a tabloid and checks himself into an eating disorder clinic?

November 23, 2009

Adult Swim

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In eight short years, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has evolved from a twice-weekly late-night break from children’s programming and into a powerful media empire in its own right. Adult Swim, which now airs every night between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Central Time, has spawned a host of offshoots, live events, and imitators.

If a talking rabbit and a pants-wearing sea sponge can have their own derivative t-shirts and toys, why can’t a street-wise, trash-talkin’ wad of meat? Like any good media empire, Adult Swim has begun the process of turning everything magical into something purchasable. offers fans a large variety of “to-be-expected” merchandise and apparel, as well as a few cleverer items– the website is currently offering fans a chance to fill their own DVD with 110 minutes of their favorite Adult Swim show episodes. The party, and the buck, doesn’t stop online, though. Josh Feldman, VP of ad sales and marketing for Adult Swim, said “[We have an] obligation to stay true to the network’s brand when creating marketing partnerships.” So, what corporations has Feldman deemed worthy? Mall-staple Hot Topic hawks t-shirts, plush toys, and other assorted knick-knacks, and Adult Swim partnered with Midway Games to release 2007’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am for PlayStation 2.

Since its first night on air, Adult Swim has rated well according to Nielson Media Group. But in 2007, when Nielson began to include college-aged viewers in their surveys, Adult Swim’s ratings skyrocketed. Currently, Adult Swim is one of the most popular late-night destinations for channel-surfing adults aged 18-34. The station continues to break ratings records for both men and women in said age group.

Live Shows/Appearances
Rock stars do tours. Best-selling authors do tours. Politicians do tours. Now, thanks to Adult Swim, weirdos, misfits, and fictional characters do tours, too. In 2008, resident Adult Swim oddballs Tim and Eric performed in festivals and clubs across the country on a sold-out 14-city American tour, and in 2009, embarked on a second tour. T&E describe their live act as a “fast-paced, live variety show complete with short films, parodies, pranks and musical numbers.” Others on Adult Swim’s payroll are hopping on the bandwagon. Aqua Teen Hunger Force creators and voice actors, Dana Snyder and Dave Willis, recently appeared at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse for two nights of short films, stand-up comedy and audience-participation activities involving kazoos and “Squidbillies” DVD giveaways.

In 2007, Adult Swim released their first movie “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters” which was based on the animated comedy “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” And while the film, which told a twisted version of the Aqua Teens origins, was critically unsuccessful, it still managed to gross around $5.5 million (not bad for a $750,000 budget). Adult Swim currently has plans for a sequel, tentatively titled “Death Fighter,” that is set to release in 2011.

Other networks, after seeing how successful Adult Swim has been with their programming, have tried to achieve similar success with shows that bear striking resemblance, in style and sense-of-humor, to those on Adult Swim. Both “Tripping the Rift” and “Drawn Together” are adult-themed animated shows that arrived on the scene just after Adult Swim started seeing big rating numbers. Neither “Tripping” nor “Drawn Together” has performed quite as well as their Adult Swim counterparts, but thanks in large part to Adult Swim paving the cartoon “road less traveled,” both have found decent-sized audiences.

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