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November 19, 2009

Adam Lambert: Pop or Flop?

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Flashy over-the-top commercial art-pop isn’t just for the girls anymore.

2009 American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert talked to Reuters about his upcoming album and said, “There are females doing it, theatrical and a bit over the top. Lady Gaga, Pink, Christina Aguilera — they all put on a show in the spirit of Madonna, dressing up and creating a theme. But there hasn’t been a guy do it for a while. In the ’70s and ’80s there were a lot of artists that did it but for some reason it kind of fizzled out.”

Critics have had a field day slamming the debut efforts from past American Idol alum, including the overproduced first-go from now-critically-acclaimed Texas-native Kelly Clarkson. Whether or not Lambert’s album will prove successful is yet to be seen (or heard), but no one can deny his ambition for mainstream success– he told Reuters, “I didn’t want to turn my back on my love for classic rock…(But) I love commercial pop music…I wanted to make something commercial.”

Lambert’s debut album will be released November 23.


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