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November 5, 2009

Stuck in the Web

Filed under: Uncategorized — Carly J Hallman @ 8:08 am

The-Internet_slideshow_imageIn America, we call hours upon hours of continuous Internet-use a job, a path to a degree, a way of life…
In China, they call it an addiction.

Across China, boot camps claiming to treat this addiction are springing up like weeds. In response to a death caused by physical abuse in such a camp, the Chinese government was recently forced to ban physical punishment of those suffering from Internet addiction.

So, why is the Chinese government very publicly banning abuse of Internet-addicts but not other oppressed peoples? Is it because these addicts are mostly young and mostly from wealthy, urban families? Or is it because the supposedly state-run Chinese media latched on to this issue? And if the Chinese media were to latch on to other human rights issues, would the government silence them?…or would lawmakers listen and take action? What, exactly, constitutes an addict? In an age when we can carry the Internet around in our pockets, how much technology is too much technology?


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