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October 20, 2009

Bar Regulars: Anthony Kim at Little Tokyo Karaoke

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The following is part of a larger look at Austin’s bar regulars, inspired by Sarah Stolfa’s book “The Regulars.” For more on Austin’s regulars, check out my Entertainment Journalism classmate’s blogs. Our final pieces are currently scheduled to appear collectively as a feature in the
Austin American Statesman’s December bar guide.

Anthony Kim first set foot on American soil twenty years ago, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he discovered Little Tokyo Karaoke. Accompanied by a friend, Kim spent his first night at Little Tokyo sipping drinks and socializing with other patrons, mostly fellow Korean immigrants. As the night progressed, so did Kim’s confidence; he climbed on stage and delivered a few heartfelt renditions of his favorite syrupy Korean ballads.

Since 2008, Kim has spent most of his weeknights at Little Tokyo, visiting with friends he claims have become akin to family. “My second home is here,” Kim says. And that’s no exaggeration– most nights of the week, after the music has faded and the lights have dimmed, chivalrous Kim takes out the garbage as a favor to the all-female staff.

Little Tokyo Karaoke is located at 9515 North Lamar in Austin, TX.


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