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October 18, 2009

No pork here: fat legislation

Filed under: Uncategorized — Carly J Hallman @ 9:16 am

congressA recent MSNBC article reports upon a seemingly inevitable situation over which many Americans have begun to fret: new legislation that will tax, or financially punish, the overweight.

Television shows like The Biggest Loser, Ruby, and even More to Love have documented the weight struggle to which an increasing number of Americans are falling victim. But as entertaining as these shows often are, haven’t they also taught America a few lessons? …that weight loss is and isn’t as easy as eating right and exercising? …that more often than not, there are complex psychological issues that must be explored and deeply-ingrained habits that must be broken?

Odds are, obesity, a national health crisis that poses an infinitely greater threat to America’s future than, say, swine flu, cannot be overcome by slapping additional taxes on already expensive insurance. In a better world, more politicians would set down their Blackberries, close their games of Solitaire, open a bag of (baked) chips and turn on the TV…


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