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September 27, 2009

Dominican Joe

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I love coffee, but so do yuppies. This unfortunate fact means that I am often reduced to slaving over the coffee pot in my kitchen, because buying a cup of coffee everyday would very quickly land me in the poor house. So when I do step out into the wide world with the intention of paying for a cup, I want a good and unpretentious atmosphere, friendly baristas and (perhaps most importantly) some darn good coffee.

Fortunately, Dominican Joe, conveniently located in the heart of South Austin, on the corner of Riverside and South Congress, meets all of my criteria.

Now, I could go on at length about the delicious lattes or the selection of locally-made food items (vegetarian wraps, Torchy’s breakfast tacos, vegan brownies, etc.) or the reliable free wireless or the ample and comfortable seating or the quiet-yet-relaxed atmosphere that makes Dominican Joe conducive to writing or studying (or, ahem, blogging)…OR I could just let you make up your own mind and tell you this:

Aside from being typically Austin in its business practices (recycling, using organic products, hiring unshaven hipsters), Dominican Joe donates a portion of its profits to worthy causes in the Dominican Republic, where its coffee beans are grown. The following is taken from their website:

Through our partnership with Makarios, an Austin-based non-profit organization committed to educational and economic development in the Dominican Republic, your support of our shop makes a tangible difference to people in that country.

That certainly makes me (and my Jiminy Cricket) feel a lot better about spending my hard-earned money on a cup of coffee.

Dominican Joe is open from 6:30AM to midnight on weekdays, and 7:00AM to midnight on weekends.


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