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September 23, 2009

Ah, yes, Michael Moore

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In yesterday’s post, I briefly touched upon the narrowing gap between what constitutes entertainment and what constitutes political activism.

I didn’t include funny-men Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for a couple of reasons– One: their shows don’t appear on news channels. Two: the topic of politics in comedy is an altogether separate discussion best saved for a separate post.

But I stupidly and unintentionally failed to mention someone very important in this discussion: Michael Moore has been mixing entertainment-politics cocktails for twenty years. And according to Stephanie Zacharek, in his latest film (“Capitalism: A Love Story”), Moore does little more than stumble around America (and the point), drunk on his own ego.

I would extend Zacharek’s claim to include other pop-liticians. Bill O’Reilly has certainly gone the same route (“Everyman” turned Egostar). And even though I excluded Jon Stewart from this discussion, it’s worth noting that in the past few years, Mr. Stewart has generally appeared pretty satisfied with himself.

So, is this the direction all pop-litic stars are destined to go? Will they lose their mainstream, non-cult, following (as Zacharek suggests Moore has)? Will the age of the pop-litician go the way of the dodo bird? Or is this only the beginning…are Moore and O’Reilly just the Lennons and Cobains of their genre…dead but revered, over but honored, burned out but providing fuel for new fires…?


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