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September 21, 2009

Spirituality in, Sexuality Out

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Interesting article on’s Broadsheet today. In New York, this season’s “in” product isn’t a product at all– it’s an outlook. And between self-help books, yoga classes, and life-coach sessions, it’s an outlook that will cost you a pretty penny.

Worth it?

Let’s compare money spent on spirituality to money spent on more traditional “in” products. I mean, realistically, a pair of heels (no matter how cute) are not going to snag a woman, say, her dream job or a picture-perfect relationship. But an encouraging mentor and a solid spiritual foundation could prove a step in the right direction…

So is spiritual style a solid investment? Maybe.

I just can’t envision models strutting the runways in yoga pants…


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  1. Chogyam Trungpa actually wrote a whole book about this called “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.” It’s a classic and anybody interested in the intersection of spirituality & commerce (or anybody interested in questioning their own motivations on the spiritual search) should give it a skim, Buddhist or not.

    Also, yoga pants can be pretty hot.

    Comment by Justin — September 21, 2009 @ 3:46 pm

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