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September 19, 2009

Man vs. Food

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We’re taught in school about different forms of conflicts: man vs. nature, man vs. machine, man vs. self, etc. But we were never taught the most entertaining of them all: Man vs. Food.

Premise? One fat dude travels around America and eats gluttonous portions of food. Okay, so perhaps it’s not the Travel Channel’s most refined bit of programming, but it’s undeniably fascinating to watch a person eat, for example, a five-pound hamburger in one sitting. Note that I said fascinating and not revolting…and when five-pound burgers are involved, it is a thin line. Obviously, a show with this premise easily could have turned into little more than a glorified, televised binge.

Exit all doubt. Enter Adam Richman.


With his unshaved double chin, wrinkled plaid shirt, and Brooklyn accent, host and professional glutton Richman may not look like an Ivy League educated gentleman, but he holds a Master’s degree from Yale. Richman’s rough charm, quick wit, and vast knowledge of culinary arts make Man vs. Food one of the most delicious thirty minute shows on TV. And you can’t get fat just from watching!


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