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September 7, 2009

We made eye contact at the optometrist…

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Oh man, I love reading the Missed Connections on Craig’s List.

Missed Connections?! Whatchu talkin bout, Willis?!

Ok, premise: Someone sees an attractive person at Zilker Park or Whole Foods or a bar, but doesn’t make a move. Full of regret, that someone logs on to Craig’s List and posts an ad that says something like, “Blue-eyed beauty, I sawz you at H.E.B. You was wearin sweat pants and carrying an industrial-sized box of Kotex. You waz SO hott. I was like, daaaaaammmmnn and I winked at your face with my eye, but maybe you didn’t notice. I love to buy u a cup of coffee at a coffee shoppe. Hit me up if u wuz interested.” And if the Kotex-carrying woman sees the ad and feels the same way (or just wants to get a free soy vanilla latte out of the deal), she can send the creeper an email. It’s a very natural way for people to connect and breed.

Now, Craig’s List is calling for Missed Connections “success stories.”

Young couple sez they met in a parking garage
elevator, later connected via Craig’s List ad

I am reallyreallyreally hopingdreamingwishing that they will use these stories to make a movie. Maybe a romantic comedy. Something positive and uplifting. Cuz why do we get a Craig’s List killer, but not a Craig’s List movie? Uncool.


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  1. Very clever! I feel like our time deserves a romantic comedy with this as the subject…it would be oh so appropriate.

    Comment by Jules Ramirez — September 14, 2009 @ 11:46 am

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