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August 25, 2009

Food + Movies

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No, I’m not talking about junior mints or popcorn drowning in neon-muck-butter, so you can put away your barf-bucket.

There was a piece in Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago in which Julie & Julia writer/director Nora Ephron briefly discussed the growing food-as-entertainment/foodie culture (The Food Network, Williams-Sonoma, Top Chef, upscale supermarkets such as Whole Foods)  and the surprising lack of foodie movies. Her point, as I interpreted it, was that there are literally millions of consumers interested in spending significant amounts of cash on the culinary arts, but until this very moment, Hollywood hadn’t quite found a way to cash in. With Julie & Julia, Ephron was hoping to help Hollywood hop on the train (dining cart?). She may have succeeded.

As a food-fan myself, I’m hoping that the commercial success of Julie & Julia (it’s grossed about 60 million dollars in the US since it’s opened) will usher in a new wave of yummy films. And while I did enjoy Ephron’s film, in the future, I’d like to see some food films with a little less estrogen…I’m thinking a male character loosely based on Anthony Bourdain or that fat carnivore from Man vs. Food…maybe some barbecued goat testicles…and a solid fight scene involving kitchen utensils. Movie-goers are hungry, man.

And, since we are toying around in my fantasy world, here’s another wish: movie theater managers, so inspired by these visually delicious Hollywood screen-treats, will begin to offer accompanying gourmet concessions. Air-popped organic white cheddar popcorn drizzled in garlic butter with a garnish of dark chocolate junior mints on a bed of greens, anyone? No?


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